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CEB offers you hundreds of hours of programs to help you fulfill MCLE special requirements in Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society. We also offer a six-hour Ethics Plus! package that fulfills your required subjects requirements.

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Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2018

Webinars: January 10 (Thursday) - 9:00am to 11:00am

January 24 (Thursday) - 9:00am to 11:00am


Catch up on the most important changes in legal ethics over the last year. Join ethics expert David Majchrzak (Jan 10) or Mark Tuft (Jan 24) for their takes on 2018's key development in ethics.


2 Hours MCLE Credit


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Lunch with Your Family Law Judge

Our panel of family law judges discusses how culture affects the decisions they are asked to make in family law cases, and how family law practitioners can highlight important cultural aspects of their cases.


1 hour MCLE Credit, including 1 hour Family Law Specialization Credit and 1 hour Legal Ethics


Marriage and Divorce: Invisible Cultural Boundaries

This session explores how marriages are formed and terminated in multiple cultures by examining law and tradition in the U.S., Korea, and Iran.


1 hour MCLE Credit, including 1 hour FA (A) Specialization


Racial Justice Litigation (Free Program)

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi shares practical strategies and tactics on addressing racial profiling and bias in court. 


1 hour MCLE Credit in Elimination of Bias

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The Global Couple & Premarital Agreements: Legal and Cultural Issues to Consider

Family Law Courts often struggle between respecting the parties’ traditions and creating a fair outcome. Our esteemed panelists assist family law practitioners in navigating through cultural gridlocks and in incorporating traditions into premarital agreements at the drafting stage.


1 hour MCLE Credit, including 1 hour Family Law Specialization Credit


Trailblazing Lawyer Fay Stender Challenging Discrimination in the Courts

The Hon. Lise Pearlman (Ret.), acclaimed author, nationally recognized speaker, former trial lawyer, and retired State Bar Court judge, discusses the remarkable contributions of attorney Fay Stender to our legal system.


1 Hour MCLE Credit in Recognition and Elimination of Bias


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