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Our Real Property resources span Litigation & Remedies, Acquisitions, Financing & Management, Leasing & Landlord-Tenant, Land Use, Development & Environment, and Construction, among others. Noteworthy titles include Real Property Ownership and Taxation, California Landlord-Tenant Practice, California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation, California Easements and Boundaries: Law and Litigation, and more. The OnLAW Real Property Law Library—a virtual encyclopedia of real property law—provides online legal analysis and procedural guidance written by and for California judges and lawyers. Full of commentary, practice advice, and sample documents, the Real Property Law Library can help you get started with drafting a commercial lease, navigate the intricacies of foreclosure litigation, and much more. CEB CLE webinars and On Demand programs present important developments and timely analyses that keep you on top of your game.

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Advising California Common Interest Communities

The lead architects of the Davis-Stirling Act and its 2014 overhaul, Curtis C. Sproul and Katharine N. Rosenberry, and association advocate Mary M. Howell, help you advise homeowners and associations, handle any dispute, and understand all of the relevant laws.


Appraisals of Real Property: More Than One Norm

1.5 hours MCLE Credit


Real property appraisals can be crucial in many types of legal matters—from advising on purchase and sale agreements or leases, to litigation over boundary encroachments, dissolutions of businesses and marriages, and condemnation proceedings. California Evidence Code §§810-824 provide rules as to how real property should be valued for court proceedings. However, appraisers are primarily guided by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and not the Evidence Code or the attorney’s negotiation strategy. How can attorneys and appraisers work together to most effectively achieve their mutual client’s goals? By appreciating the appraiser’s perspective and limitations, an attorney can unlock the potential power of this important tool of real property law.

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Bernhardt’s Take on the One-Action Rule

1 hour MCLE Credit


If you attended law school or practiced outside the State of California, or don’t specialize in foreclosures, you may have never heard of the “one-action rule” of CCP § 726. The one-action rule generally prohibits a secured lender from pursuing any other judicial cause of action, such as suing the borrower directly, without first foreclosing on all real property collateral. The one-action rule has afforded significant legal protections for borrowers, and equally as many opportunities for missteps by lenders. Join Professor Roger Bernhardt as he explores this unique facet of California real property law.

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California Construction Contracts, Defects, and Litigation

The expert advice and analysis and practical forms you need for both transactional and litigation practice, including insurance and indemnity agreements. Authors include James Acret, Joan Cambray, Ted Senet, Richard Wittbrodt, Timothy R. Sullivan, and Gordon Hunt.


California Easements and Boundaries: Law and Litigation

Succeed with this incomparable resource with numerous forms for drafting or litigating easements and related rights.


California Eviction Defense Manual

The most comprehensive, efficient eviction defense resource ever published. Covers both substantive and procedural law.

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