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CEB presents a robust curriculum of continuing legal education programs for MCLE requirements and professional development. Our On Demand library is deep and wide—over 900 hours of programs in Business Law, Civil Litigation & Torts, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Law Practice Skills, Public Law, Real Property, and the State Bar’s special requirements (required subjects) of Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society.

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Avoiding and Addressing Attorney Burnout

Attorneys can experience stress from many different sources. Those drawn to the practice of law are already prone to anxiety and depression before we consider the stress of practice and law firm life. This seminar will examine sources of stress particular to law practice, approaches to help balance your life before you burn out, and how to deal with it if you are already past the tipping point.


1 hour MCLE Credit including 1 hour in Competence Issues


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Business Law MCLE Compliance Package

25.25 MCLE Credits including 6.75 hours of Required Subjects


Programs Available as Recorded Video or MP3


Communication Techniques that Build Trust and Respect

1.5 hours MCLE Credit 


By learning to communicate empathetically and compassionately, you will more effectively deescalate and resolve conflict in your professional and personal life and reduce stress. Improve your communications with your most difficult clients and colleagues with these methods. 

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Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice 2018: Pitfalls & Sinkholes

The sixth year of this annual program is designed to identify, highlight, analyze and discuss interactions between cultural values and legal norms, and teach practitioners how to respect and implement cultural motivations in family law transactions and litigation without offending California public policies.

6 MCLE Credits, including 6 Hours Family Law Specialization

Special Requirements: 1 hour in Ethics, 1 in Elimination of Bias


Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice: Innovative Navigation in Cultural Gridlocks

Get practical tips to understand and handle cultural dead-ends in your litigation and settlement practice presented by six panels of family law judicial officers, experts, and psychologists.

6 MCLE Credits
Specialization: Family Law
Special Requirements: Ethics, Elimination of Bias


Eliminating Family Care Bias to Improve the Legal Profession for Everyone

1 hour MCLE Credit including 1 hour in Elimination of Bias


It’s no secret that many attorneys—especially women—find law practice and family care responsibilities incompatible. Even the generous “family leave” policies at big law firms can prove to be a double-edged sword leading to bias against the hiring and promotion of women who are more likely to take advantage of such policies. Work expectations that are incompatible with life outside of the office can make legal careers unsustainable for those who wish to have a life outside of the law. Learn how to improve the profession by helping to shift the perceptions of family leave and build and encourage family-friendly workplaces.

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