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Is Estate Planning Practice Right for You?

An estate planning practice can give you independence, flexibility, and the rewards of helping people. And there’s a growing need for estate planners. But how do you get into this practice area? And is estate planning practice right for you?

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Can You Give Me an Overview of Estate Planning Practice?

CEB’s renowned practice books, online research tools, CLE programs, and forms provide essential guidance in planning, trust and probate practice, taxation, and elder law and incapacity, and many more areas. The OnLAW Estate Planning Library—a virtual encyclopedia of estate planning law—provides online legal analysis and procedural guidance written by and for California judges and lawyers.

Estate Planning Process and the Role of the Attorney

To get a full understanding of what an estate planner does, download a free excerpt from CEB’s practice guide, California Estate Planning. This excerpt includes both valuable insight and practical tools.

Download a free excerpt:


How Satisfied are Estate Planning Attorneys with their Work?

Job Satisfaction: 4 out of 5 highly satisfied*



CA Estate Planning Atty. Avg. Salary: $113,749*


Is There a Need for Estate Planning Attorneys?

Yes! Estate planning is needed now more than ever. While the number of Americans over 65 years old will double by 2060, only 40% of U.S. adults have a will—and only 26% have an advance directive. As baby boomers age, they have specific ideas about retirement, end-of-life decisions, and quality of life. They want their benefits to actually benefit them, and they want control.


Will Estate Planning Be a Career Fit for Me?

Estate planning practice can be rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. You need both emotional intelligence and transactional accumen.

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

What Skills Should an Estate Planning Attorney Have?



More Help in Exploring Practice Areas

How to Hang Your Shingle: Choosing your Practice Area

Access a free CLE program (and get 1 hour of MCLE credit).


Find out if you’d be a successful estate planner.

Or take the American Bar Association legal career quiz.

A Practitioner on Trust and Estate Planning—and Litigation



Julie R. Woods (now a Research Attorney at Contra Costa Superior Court) talks about what a typical workday was like for her as a Trust and Estate Litigator at Hartog, Baer & Hand, Orinda.


“I really like that I get to help families. I sleep very well at night.”
- Julie R. Woods


What Can You Do to Get Started?

You’ve decided to get into estate planning practice. Now what?

Five Steps You Can Take to Get Started

  • 1. Network.
  • 2. Take a course.
  • 3. Plan your own estate.
  • 4. Volunteer.
  • 5. See probate cases in court.

How Do You Transition from a Different Practice Area?

It takes courage to change practice areas, but it can be exactly the right thing to do.

Need Change? Take Inventory of Your Legal Career

Check out CEBblog’s estate planning articles!

How Can CEB Help Me Get Started in Estate Planning?

For hands-on training, practical step-by-step guidance, the tools to check your understanding, and the chance to hone your skills, turn to California’s most trusted resource for estate planners: CEB.

CEB’s practice books, online research tools, CLE programs, and forms provide legal analysis and procedural guidance by and for California judges and lawyers. Our OnLAW Estate Planning Library is a virtual encyclopedia of estate planning law online.

California Estate Planning

California Estate Planning

California Will Drafting

Complete Plans for Small and Mid-Size Estates

Handling a Probate

Estate Planning Library

OnLAW puts our superior legal titles online, giving you all the advantages of the web: speed, search capabilities, portability, and links to cited cases and codes.

This online course will prepare you to confidently meet with clients in about 30 hours.

Estate Planning Library

Get thorough grounding, guidance, and networking for career development.