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California Civil Litigation Forms Manual

No matter what your specialty, you'll find this comprehensive library of over 400 forms invaluable from the first client consultation through settlement or trial.


California Criminal Law Forms Manual

The detailed instructions and templates in this book, which corresponds with California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice, speed your drafting tasks.


California Real Property Practice Forms Manual

You'll save time and ease workflow with the huge array of real property forms and sample clauses in this manual.


Essential Forms Judicial Council Forms

Essential Forms™ is a powerful California legal resource that allows you to easily and efficiently complete, print, and store California Judicial Council Forms. It features shrink-to-fit fonts, custom form groups, custom fields, and a database that automatically fills in new forms with shared data.


Essential Forms software is updated twice a year and delivered on CD-ROM.


Essential Forms' top-end features include add-on County Forms Packages. These forms packages are updated electronically when counties issue updated forms.


Take a 14-day free trial and find out what Essential Forms can do for you!


Find out more about the powerful features of Essential Forms and how to put them to use in your practice! Miles Bohas, Essential Forms Technical Support, demonstrates the key features of this robust Judicial Council Forms software, including eFiling capabilities and county-specific packages, in Using CEB Essential Forms.


Fee Agreement Forms Manual

This is the best book available on fee agreements. It helps you prepare those all-essential fee agreements for new and returning clients, and it contains all the clauses you might need for a valid, enforceable fee agreement.

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