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Essential Forms & Smokeball: A Winning Combination

Smokeball and Essential Forms together

Essential Forms customers who use Smokeball will also be able to:

  • Eliminate duplicate entry of client and case information
  • Stay more organized with all your forms in one place
  • Improve collaboration with staff on all of your cases
  • Much more!
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CEB, the California lawyer’s trusted source for fast, relevant, and practical legal guidance has partnered with Smokeball legal practice management software to offer attorneys the option of creating, editing and saving Essential Forms directly in Smokeball.

Creating Judicial Council Forms will never be faster or easier than with Essential Forms’ two-way integration with Smokeball. Now you can have complete law firm efficiency with Essential Forms and Smokeball legal practice management software, allowing you to focus on the two things that matter most: practicing law and serving your clients.

Essential Forms

Our flagship forms product, Essential Forms, allows lawyers to easily and efficiently create, print, store, and eFile California Judicial Council Forms and county forms.

It features shrink-to-fit fonts, custom form groups, custom fields, and a database that automatically fills in new forms with shared data. Essential Forms’ top-end features include optional add-on County Forms Packages and eFiling capabilities that allow lawyers to send documents directly and securely from computer to court. Find out more about the powerful features and capabilities of Essential Forms!


Smokeball is a leading case management software with all the features your small firm needs to reduce stress and increase success such as email and client management, document automation, and automatic time tracking—all in one place! Plus, Smokeball is the only case management software that has an exclusive integration with Essential Forms. Find out more about Smokeball’s complete law practice management software!