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Our Employment Law resources deliver authoritative information in Employment Law Practice and Workers’ Compensation. Notable publications include Advising California Employers and Empoyees, Employee Leave Laws: Compliance and Litigation, Wrongful Employment Termination Practice, and more. These and other Employment Law publications are also available in our CEB and Simmons Employment Law OnLAW Library, which gives you the added advantages of the web: speed, search capabilities, portability, and links to cited cases and codes. Employment Law developments and topics are covered in our CLE webinars and On Demand programs.

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2017 Top 20: Employment Law

Eric Sohlgren and Robert Coviello discuss the top employment law developments of 2017. In this focused 90-minute program, our speakers focus on the changes likely to have the greatest effect on employment law practitioners.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

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Basics Conference 2018: Employment Litigation

In The Basics Conference 2018: Employment Litigation, you will learn about the sequence of an employment dispute that culminates in trial. Experienced employment litigation and trial attorneys will present the state and federal perspectives in addition to imparting best practices.


12 Hours MCLE Credit

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Beyond the FMLA: Meet the Leave Laws Often Left Behind

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the particulars of “major” leave laws like the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act. But California and federal law provide employees with leave rights for reasons that go far beyond having a serious medical condition. Join John Hyland for an in-depth discussion of the myriad lesser-known leave laws. Round out your knowledge of this vital area of employment law.


1 hour MCLE Credit

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CEB and Simmons Employment Law Library

Coming Soon!


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Empower your practice to help California employers avoid liability pitfalls, and California employees pursue their rights.


CEB is thrilled to welcome the authoritative work of Richard Simmons of Sheppard Mullin to CEB’s renowned online employment law offerings. CEB and Simmons Employment Law Library offers, for the first time, Simmons’ essential reference, Wage and Hour Manual for California Employers in OnLAW’s powerful format: searchable, easily accessed, and linked to cited primary law.


Full of commentary, practice advice and sample documents, the CEB and Simmons Employment Law Library covers virtually all aspects of the employment relationship and is an indispensable resource for both employers and employees.


“OnLAW enables me to be efficient. I can spend time on higher-value work.”

Paula Schaefer, Principal, Paula Schaefer Law


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Covenants Not to Compete

 Join Stephen Tedesco for a discussion of California law regarding non-competition provisions and alternatives available for protecting business interests when former employees leave to work for competitors.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit



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The Basics 2018: Administrative Claims & Exhaustion

Employment litigation typically begins in one or more regulatory agencies. Nearly all employment discrimination statutes require employees to file charges in one or more of these agencies before they can file a lawsuit. You will learn about the most commonly used agencies as well as what to expect from the process and what to do while the agency is investigating.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit. 

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